Sunday, September 11, 2016


Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for, the mighty makeup requests! 
Please comment down below if you have an Eldritch Makeup idea!
Thanks you guys! 
From Amanda

Nearly Headless Girl Makeup

Here is my Nearly Headless Girl Makeup! The idea behind this makeup was to show how a girl is barely stitched and held together. Though the open wounds may seem gory, the whole face is pretty cool!
I hope you enjoyed my Nearly Headless Girl Makeup!

Creepy Doll Makeup

This is my Creepy Doll Makeup! YAY! The idea of this makeup was to show a doll that was obliviously haunted and had been beat up and stitched together.
I hope you liked my Creepy Doll Makeup!

Harley Quinn Makeup

This is my Beautiful Harley Quinn Makeup I did with my friend Eva. I had a lot of fun doing this!
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I hope you enjoyed my Harley Quinn Makeup!